• Ensalada Caesar con Pollo<br><font color="#00aaa0">$12.99</font>
    Ensalada Caesar con Pollo

    Caesar salad with grilled chicken, lettuce and cheese

  • Ensalada con Pollo<br><font color="#00aaa0">$13.99</font>
    Ensalada con Pollo

    Fresh and crisp blend of greens topped with grilled chicken, tomatoes, avocado and cheese

  • Ensalada con Steak<br><font color="#00aaa0">$20.99</font>
    Ensalada con Steak

    Grilled flap meat salad with tomatoes, lettuce, avocado and cheese

  • Ensalada de Salmon <br><font color="#00aaa0">$20.99</font>
    Ensalada de Salmon

    Salmon salad with tomatoes, lettuce and avocado

  • Ensalada de Papa <br><font color="#00aaa0">$3.99</font>
    Ensalada de Papa

    Potatoe salad

  • Ensalada de Codito <br><font color="#00aaa0">$3.99</font>
    Ensalada de Codito

    Tuna and macaroni salad