• Chivo Guisado<br><font color="#00aaa0">$24.99</font>
    Chivo Guisado

    Goat stew served with rice, sweet plantains and house salad

  • Chuletas de Cordero al horno<br><FONT COLOR="#00aaa0">$27.99</FONT>
    Chuletas de Cordero al horno

    2 lamb chops slow cooked on the oven with mashed potatoes

  • Chuletas Fritas (2)<br><font color="#00aaa0">$18.99</font>
    Chuletas Fritas (2)

    Fried smoked pork chop served with rice, beans and house salad

  • Tomahawk Pork Chop<br><font color="#00aaa0">$23.99</font>
    Tomahawk Pork Chop

    Delicious tomahawk pork chop with mashed potatoes and asparagus

  • Chuletas al Sarten Encebolladas (2)<br><font color="#00aaa0">$21.99</font>
    Chuletas al Sarten Encebolladas (2)

    Grilled pork chops served with rice, sweet plantains and pasta salad

  • Pernil al Horno<br><font color="#00aaa0">$19.99</font>
    Pernil al Horno

    Our slow cooked pork roast (8 oz) served with rice, beans and house salad

  • Chicharron de Cerdo<br><FONT COLOR="#00aaa0">$17.99</FONT>
    Chicharron de Cerdo

    Dominican style fried pork belly skin served with house salad and your choice of riceor tostones

  • Costillas BBQ<br><FONT COLOR="#00aaa0">$22.99</FONT>
    Costillas BBQ

    Delicious BBQ ribs with French fries